LIVA Olive Oil wins, for the fourth consecutive year, the gold award for High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

LIVA Olive Oil wins, for the fourth consecutive year, the gold award for High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At an event organized by the non-profit organization World Olive Center for Health and the University of Athens, the Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards, which are given for the fourth year, were presented for the fourth time, based on the sole criteria of the olive oil’s content of the health protection substances of the European Regulation for the health claim. 1569 olive oil samples from 8 countries participated in the competition. The top producers from Greece, Croatia, Italy, Croatia, Spain and Cyprus were awarded. Furthermore, 28 producers of olive oil of gold category from different regions of Greece were awarded.

In a full hall, the opening speech of the programme coordinator, Dr. N. Krimnianiotis, introduced the attendees to the objectives and actions of the Interreg MED ARISTOIL programme “the Mediterranean cluster of high phenolic olive oil producers in the framework of the ARISTOIL programme”, which, with its creation, will ensure the continuation of the programme.

For the fourth consecutive year, LIVA Olive Oil wins the Gold Award for High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and KRIMNIANIOTIS-LIVA GROVES SA is awarded for the second time for its contribution to SUPPORTING “OIL & HEALTH” RESEARCH, this time with GOLD.

In the context of the speeches, very important results were announced for the first time on the action of olive oil with high phenolic content thanks to its active ingredients, especially the substance oleocanthal, showing that they can inhibit the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer in experimental animals, while it was shown that they can be used in synergy with classical drugs with even more positive results. Particularly important, however, were the announcements on the effect of olive oil with high oleocanthal in patients with mild cognitive impairment and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, while the launch of three studies in patients with multiple sclerosis, diabetes and in athletes to increase endurance was also announced.

Dr. Nikolaos Krimnianiotis congratulates, for her scholarship, the “new” researcher who will work on the research “Antiplatelet action of phenolic compounds of extra virgin olive oil” in diabetic patients. LIVA GROVES SA, in addition to the scholarship, will contribute by providing the required olive oil, rich in oleocanthal, which the research will require.