Olive Oil LIVA won Gold Award for the second consecutive year

Olive Oil LIVA won Gold Award for the second consecutive year

The OLYMPIA AWARDS HEALTH & NUTRITION 2017 took place in the Old Parliament Hall of the Hellenic Parliament. The presentation was preceded by suggestions on the health protection of olive oil rich in polyphenols …

The speakers’ panel is distinguished by Professor Prokopis Magiatis, Pericles Mantas, Vice-Prefect of Messinia, The Coordinator of the ARISTOIL Transnational Project Dr Nikos Krimmnianiotis, AUTh Professor Mrs. Magda Tsolakis, Professor Panap. DAVIS of California, Dan Flynn, Researcher Dr. Helen Melliou, University of Athens, Professor Diomedis Logothetis, Northeastern University and Professor Stefanos Kales, Harvard University.

The event was attended, among others, by the Deputy Minister of Rural Development Mr Kokkalis, the MP Mr. Kasapidis, the Ambassador of Qatar and the Embassy of Cyprus.

The top prize was given to Mr. George David, from Cyprus, for the olive grove he cultivates on the Green Line of Cyprus. Dr. Nikos Krimmnianiotis, for the second consecutive year, took the GOLD STANTARD OF EXCELLENCE for High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Olive Oil Olive Oil LIVA.

In the morning, Pynka’s symbolic vaccination of the Acropolis olive tree was preceded by an olive branch from Ancient Olympia.

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