Organic Olive Oil, certified health product

Our olive fields have exclusively olive trees of Koroneiki variety. It has rightly been given the title of the “Olive Queen”, due to its great taste. Harvesting, takes place, when the olives are still unripe, green and small. The unripe olives give an olive oil of low acidity, rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, nutrients of precious value, rendering the olive oil a great food, necessary for the reinforcement of human immune system.

The olive oil deriving from Koroneiki variety, has a fruity taste, with light pleasant burning sense, a light aftertaste and bitterness.

The oil production begins just few hours after harvesting and always within the same day, following cold extraction procedure, in low temperature and lack of water. This procedure results in lower production than conventional methods, higher costs, but extraordinary quality, because the olive oil remains rich in nutrients. In addition, cold extraction, makes the product’s low acidity, possible. The levels of acidity remain extremely low during product life mostly because of the packaging applied.

Some extra info

Cold extraction procedure: according to EU directives, in order for an olive oil quality to be categorized as “Oil of cold extraction”, the olive oil production must take place in temperatures lower than 27 degrees of Celsius. It is scientifically confirmed that higher temperatures in oil extraction, change a lot of olive oil’s characteristics.
Our olive oil extraction takes place at 23 degrees Celsius at the Oil Press of Mr Aris Christopoulos at Ariochorion Village. The Oil Press bears a certificate of PDO and BIO.
Acidity: The acidity analysis shows the percentage of oleic acid contained in the oil as well as information regarding the quality of olives used. According to its acidity, the olive oil is characterized as Extra Vergin Olive Oil (Acidity <0,8%)

Our own olive oil is acidity 0,2% mg ± 0,05

Packing: One of the biggest enemies of the olive oil is light. If the olive oil is exposed to light, probably in just two months, the oxidation will start, which completely alters the taste and nutritional characteristics, and makes it not proper for consumption. Our own olive oil is packaged in containers with either tin or earthenware bottles or in glass bottles protected by cardboard or wooden packaging. See analyzes (chemical and organoleptic)

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